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wibutler pro

Here you will find more information on installation and initial startup, on safety instructions and setting options of your wibutler pro:

Download the app

All devices of your choice at hand? You will now only need the wibutler app to make your home smart. Click here and download it for free.


Arrange your gateway

Its all about the right placing

Your wibutler pro works best when you place it as central and freestanding as possible.

Please note that walls, ceilings and e.g. cupboards might affect the radio range.

wibutler as WLAN participant

If you operate your wibutler pro as a participant of an existing WLAN network, remember to place it as close as possible, but with a distance of at least one meter to your router.

The distance to the router is more important than the standardized distance to the products that you would like to control with your wibutler pro.

Attention: Ranges

Please mind the radio standard requirements of the different manufacturers. You will find them here:

Frequency (MHz) Range in metres (indoor/open area) Number of addable devices
EnOcean 868 30/100 Smart ACK devices: 15
Actuators: 126
Sensors: unlimited
Z-Wave 868 30/100 Devices: 232
ZigBee 2400 10/50 Devices: unlimited
WLAN 2400 10/50 Depends on network configuration

Update your firmware

In order to use new wibutler compatible products and features, make sure that your firmware is up to date.

Go to video

Start your Smart Home right

Learn how to set up your wibutler pro and your app for the first time. Have a look at the video and you will get to know everything about the initial start-up: From logging in to adding your first products and automation rules. Enjoy!