Safety with wibutler

Don't worry about the safety of your home and data. With wibutler both are safe. Online as well as offline. Discover what else you can do and how wibutler works against security concerns.

The safety of communication protocols

Translating established communication protocols, wibutler pro enables smart devices to communicate with each other. Each and every communication protocol has its own special safety features.

Protecting data with an individual network and encoded transfer

Z-Wave networks have a distinct network identification. This identification ensures that data will only be transfered within a separate network. If devices support encoded data transfers, wibutler will use an AES 128-coding.

Reliable protection against transmission errors and duplicates

In order to avoid transmission errors, EnOcean adds a checksum to every message. Communication partners are authenticated, in order to check their identities. EnOcean communication transmitters own various, 32 bit long ID-numbers that cannot be changed or copied by any user.

Individual network and network key enable secure communication

The wibutler pro establishes an individual ZigBee network. This network is secured by a 128 bit network key, which all devices within this very network know and use for communication encoding. If new devices are added, the key will be passed on, enabling them to become part of the network as well.

Modes of operation: wibutler pro

You can either operate your wibutler pro via cable or WLAN. Your smart home gateway can even create an individual access point without using the internet. This is what you can expect:

Integrating wibutler into your network

You can easily operate your wibutler pro via WLAN, as WLAN client. wibutler supports a secure WPA2 standard. Due to safety reasons, a new user account will be created, offering maximum security with an individual user name and a newly defined password.

Access Point mode
Access Point mode

The access point mode enables you to use your wibutler pro without using the internet. By establishing an individual wireless network, the gateway becomes independent from existing networks. wibutler supports a secure WPA2 standard. Please note that updates are only available online.

Remote control via cloud function
Remote control via cloud function

You'll get to know more about the safety features of remote controlling, when functions are implemented into the wibutler app.

Encoding and data protection

Protecting your data is really important to you? We agree on that. With wibutler you're on the safe side.

Individual user identification

Every user has an individual account, locally stored on the wibutler pro. Passwords can also be assigned individually. Different authorizations ensure that no unwanted configuration changes can be made.

External communication - all encrypted

If data is being transferred online to the cloud, wibutler only uses safe, non-interceptable ways.

Offline operation
Offline operation possible

For a higher security level, wibutler can be operated without using the internet. Please note that latest app functions and updates can only be received via online update.

WiFi? For sure!

Operating wibutler as WiFi client or access point, the safe WPA2 communication standard is supported.